The Connected Self

Research into the complexity of one's online presence.
The Connected Self is a series of visualisations of my personal online presence. They serve as an example of how complex a person’s online presence could be.
It firstly shows the hierarchical structure between all the services I'm subscribed to. Secondly, it shows the different connections between those services and in this way, shows the possible data-exchange.

Project by Jonas Denil

Hierarchical Relations

This visualisation shows the hierarchical relationships between different services.
It shows an overview of how some services are part of a larger company. This means that personal data collected in one service, could be shared with another service in the same company.

Interlinked Connections

This interactive visualisation shows the numerous connections made between different services.
When hovering over "Apple ID" for example, you see all the different services my Apple ID is connected to and those are not only Apple oriented services.

Vertical Interlinked Connections

This static version of the above visualisation shows the complexity of one's online presence.
Whereas the previous visualitation is focussed on readability, this one has the sheer purpose of showing you how complex your only behaviour could be.